assholemarketing transferred  1 ASS to stevenson7 AssToken.app Airdrop for A.S.S. created by Fyrstikken and Steemspeak.com 9bfbf85
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helpie transferred  5.0 HLPE to stevenson7 šŸ˜œWacky Wednesday ParticipantšŸ’° 799628f
wafrica transferred  2,625 WAFRO to stevenson7 Congratulations! You received WAFRO tokens today to reward your community participation on Steem blockchain @wafrica Smart Media Community. Use Steempeak wallet on all devices, or Keychain for Steem (PC/Mac) to view your WAFRO token balance. HODL those tokens(!) for further airdrop rewards in the months to come! See steem-engine.com for a complete description of the Steem Smart Contract token. 8bce10d