sct issued  4,127.608 SCT to sct.krwp 695aa8d
sagoda issued  61.74720000 SAGO to sct 298f79d
sct issued  2.221 KRWP to naha ba7a18e
sct issued  1.076 KRWP to yasu de7727f
sct issued  43.152 SCT to naha e05ef43
sct issued  79.553 SCT to kcc 0f90ccd
engpool transferred  50.20000000 ENG to sct Here are your claimed tokens! 7222dc4
sct.pool transferred  0.013 SCT to sct swap benefit aed5aa0
sct.pool transferred  0.005 KRWP to sct swap benefit e5e5b07
sct issued  21.506 SCT to isi3 1bea374