sagoda issued  1.23161955 SAGO to rtytf 28664c4
zzan issued  1.69422 ZZAN to rtytf 09be9f1
zzan issued  1.01981 ZZAN to rtytf d6f4626
zzan issued  1.04791 ZZAN to rtytf 794086a
sagoda issued  1.17901466 SAGO to rtytf 05a707f
zzan issued  1.21164 ZZAN to rtytf cb9e9de
sagoda issued  1.12482806 SAGO to rtytf fc8e5b7
zzan issued  1.36290 ZZAN to rtytf 5f232be
zzan issued  2.03112 ZZAN to rtytf d840c8a
sagoda issued  1.16998778 SAGO to rtytf cb7f992
zzan issued  1.15676 ZZAN to rtytf 164261c
sagoda issued  1.02028802 SAGO to rtytf 66df254
zzan issued  2.12033 ZZAN to rtytf 3d34c68
zzan issued  1.05889 ZZAN to rtytf c749369
zzan issued  2.05953 ZZAN to rtytf ef99e8b
zzan issued  1.13605 ZZAN to rtytf b8c77d7
zzan issued  2.04386 ZZAN to rtytf 185050e
zzan issued  1.88321 ZZAN to rtytf 71c1c66
zzan issued  2.64903 ZZAN to rtytf 92ab0fa
zzan issued  1.16741 ZZAN to rtytf 03cd4f1
zzan issued  4.07802 ZZAN to rtytf 06b7459
sagoda issued  1.22677853 SAGO to rtytf 4b022fc
zzan issued  1.04922 ZZAN to rtytf b15a124
zzan issued  2.30514 ZZAN to rtytf a317cb7
zzan issued  3.39083 ZZAN to rtytf b1c0b59
sagoda issued  1.46885408 SAGO to rtytf 342756d
zzan issued  2.35802 ZZAN to rtytf 6bed619
zzan issued  2.84626 ZZAN to rtytf c0d34fa
zzan issued  1.83984 ZZAN to rtytf 78a9ac7
sagoda issued  1.00333333 SAGO to rtytf b8cef73
zzan issued  3.68129 ZZAN to rtytf b35faa6
sagoda issued  1.00333333 SAGO to rtytf c08ec55
zzan issued  2.39170 ZZAN to rtytf 2fc5306
sagoda issued  1.35314486 SAGO to rtytf 6b716ce
zzan issued  3.43204 ZZAN to rtytf a85dc7f
zzan issued  1.89938 ZZAN to rtytf 1a1e817
sagoda issued  1.00333333 SAGO to rtytf 69b7a05
zzan issued  4.91819 ZZAN to rtytf b612159
sagoda issued  1.71862095 SAGO to rtytf ddaccb3
zzan issued  1.62658 ZZAN to rtytf 608a859
zzan issued  4.73294 ZZAN to rtytf 4be4467
zzan issued  2.30221 ZZAN to rtytf cda1274
sagoda issued  1.00666666 SAGO to rtytf e8f6d8e
zzan issued  6.42312 ZZAN to rtytf 394858a
sagoda issued  1.13099784 SAGO to rtytf 6543b90
zzan issued  2.52714 ZZAN to rtytf 4a79221
zzan issued  3.65655 ZZAN to rtytf c08b277
zzan issued  3.33752 ZZAN to rtytf 38fdd2b
sagoda issued  1.00333333 SAGO to rtytf a731c7d
zzan issued  4.25379 ZZAN to rtytf ceff4a0
sagoda issued  1.13999999 SAGO to rtytf 0c144f6
zzan issued  2.06354 ZZAN to rtytf 715ee4a
sagoda issued  1.72236988 SAGO to rtytf c24b20f
zzan issued  4.25192 ZZAN to rtytf 4acddf3
zzan issued  3.15072 ZZAN to rtytf 6962083
zzan issued  1.07730 ZZAN to rtytf bdc60d7
zzan issued  4.57850 ZZAN to rtytf 039b168
zzan issued  2.83333 ZZAN to rtytf 488554a
zzan issued  3.55265 ZZAN to rtytf 9b70866
zzan issued  4.29593 ZZAN to rtytf e98e003
account: rtytf 
symbol: TRDO 
quantity: 0.00017577 
TRENDO Token PoS Reward Distribution - 02/06/2020, Thanks for Staking!
trendotoken transferred  0.00017581 TRDO to rtytf TESTING - TRENDO Token PoS Reward Distribution - 02/06/2020, Thanks for Staking! c580985
zzan issued  3.39914 ZZAN to rtytf 8e574c9
zzan issued  3.61485 ZZAN to rtytf e28d14a
zzan issued  4.11772 ZZAN to rtytf a81b803
zzan issued  4.11772 ZZAN to rtytf a81b803
zzan issued  2.82235 ZZAN to rtytf 6c275e3
zzan issued  4.71804 ZZAN to rtytf afbe5b6
sagoda issued  1.00333333 SAGO to rtytf 4aaa646
zzan issued  1.72669 ZZAN to rtytf 73bcebd
zzan issued  5.06364 ZZAN to rtytf ec4b115
sagoda issued  1.32437128 SAGO to rtytf 506e5c7
zzan issued  1.37169 ZZAN to rtytf 30b6a48
steemairdrops transferred  0.112 TLOSP to rtytf Withdraw your 0.1 TLOSP to Telos Telos Blockchain using your Free telos Wallet here https://app.telos.net/ or here https://sqrlwallet.io/earn?refer=telosnoworg1 Telos WPS has funded a worker proposal to create Pegged Telos on Steem Engine and airdrop it to steemians. You just received 0.1 of 1600 TLOSP allocated for the top 16000 Steem Accounts by SP and Rep scores. 1 TLOSP was given to top Steem Accounts, and 0.01 has been airdropped to 16,000 as well. Learn More and get TLOS tips here https://t.me/telosnow TelosNow.org - Official telos telegram - https://t.me/hellotelos or WPS system https://t.me/telosWPS 1221624
zzan issued  4.59661 ZZAN to rtytf 818940c