creativecoin transferred  1,000 CCC to patrizius92 Congratulations, you have been selected for the first wave of the Creative Coin air-drop. These can be staked at www.creativecoin.xyz 3e32012
beggars issued  1.000 FUTURE to patrizius92 The FUTURE has arrived. d5f6f7a
steem-ace issued  52 GG to patrizius92 We are doing an airdrop for our gaming tribe SteemAce. You are part of it either because of you being a PAL staker or you used one of the gaming tags on Steem in the last 30 days. You can find our announcement post on @steem-ace 7eb00e9
steemspeak issued  1 STEEMSPEAK to patrizius92 Congratulations: You have received 1 SteemSpeak.com Ownership TOKEN - Please come and chat with us at https://discord.gg/AVP6CEy - Have a GREAT STEEM DAY! 2b58236
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