ionlysaymeep issued  1.00000000 MEEP to oswvin meep 5061dda
oswvin transferred  96.994 DBLOG to oswvin01 lgfh 44a8564
oswvin01 transferred  1,383 SPORTS to oswvin compra 62047ac
oswvin01 transferred  700 DONE to oswvin compra a1f14d0
oswvin01 transferred  96.993 DBLOG to oswvin compra d90f333
oswvin01 transferred  3.393 PAL to oswvin compra 933a368
oswvin01 transferred  20.33665509 NEOXAG to oswvin compra 196b989
oswvin01 transferred  22.902 LEO to oswvin venta 60c8c92
account: oswvin 
symbol: NEOXAG 
quantity: 0.00001185 
neoxiantoken transferred  0.00001185 NEOXAG to oswvin Here are your claimed tokens! (0.000012 more NEOXAG were added to NEOXAG POWER) ef2c3f4