teamcn-shop transferred  1 SHOP to ogst0311 @bluengel gifted you 1 SHOP coin! 26a05d0
steemairdrops transferred  0.112 TLOSP to ogst0311 Withdraw your 0.1 TLOSP to Telos Telos Blockchain using your Free telos Wallet here https://app.telos.net/ or here https://sqrlwallet.io/earn?refer=telosnoworg1 Telos WPS has funded a worker proposal to create Pegged Telos on Steem Engine and airdrop it to steemians. You just received 0.1 of 1600 TLOSP allocated for the top 16000 Steem Accounts by SP and Rep scores. 1 TLOSP was given to top Steem Accounts, and 0.01 has been airdropped to 16,000 as well. Learn More and get TLOS tips here https://t.me/telosnow TelosNow.org - Official telos telegram - https://t.me/hellotelos or WPS system https://t.me/telosWPS aaa8d8f
steemairdrops transferred  0.01 TLOSP to ogst0311 Airdrop Funded from Telos Worker Proposal System , come to TelosNow.org and soon Telosteem.com and learn how you can earn more TLOSP which you can sell for steemp or withdraw to telos main net tokens and sell for eos on newdex ccf02c9
challengedac transferred  1 CHLP to ogst0311 The challenge is a user-friendly blockchain App that allows users to create and fulfill geo-specific time-sensitive tasks for real blockchain rewards. A challenge is a selected place and time a player has to be in order to unlock the challenge and receive their EOS blockchain rewards. Withdraw to EOSIO token on Steem-Engine.com App Available on Android and iOS b0106a8
steemairdrops transferred  0.01 ANXP to ogst0311 ANOXIO HedgeFund Token Airdrop from @anoxfund https://anox.io/ Withdraw to EOS via Steem-Engine.com dc7f3c1
assholemarketing transferred  1 SAND to ogst0311 SAND Airdrop San Diego Token SanDiegoCoin.org SanDIego residents get paid to post about Southern California at SteemSanDiego.com Withdraw to EOS SAND on Steem-Engine.com 8bfcd18
assholemarketing transferred  1 ASS to ogst0311 AssToken.app Airdrop for A.S.S. created by Fyrstikken and Steemspeak.com 6f90636
frankk transferred  1 EEK to ogst0311 Bring back Kroon! 956e3a8
zzan issued  243.87656 ZZAN to ogst0311 54261d9
co2fund issued  204.20070 COCO to ogst0311 Test 892755d
zzan issued  397.65814 ZZAN to ogst0311 fdb9990
holovision transferred  5,000 GOD to ogst0311 This token is whatever you believe it is. a022b37