zzan issued  4.59441 ZZAN to lisaa 376ec63
zzan issued  5.29915 ZZAN to lisaa 566371c
actnearn issued  957.23 ACTNEARN to lisaa f9d6202
zzan issued  3.51789 ZZAN to lisaa a56e54b
actnearn issued  965.84 ACTNEARN to lisaa 724f2d2
zzan issued  3.44980 ZZAN to lisaa 245978e
actnearn issued  978.45 ACTNEARN to lisaa 302a2b1
zzan issued  4.43640 ZZAN to lisaa 99050ad
actnearn issued  990.72 ACTNEARN to lisaa a15101b
zzan issued  2.54260 ZZAN to lisaa f4bc59e
actnearn issued  930.88 ACTNEARN to lisaa 5b547cd
zzan issued  7.96265 ZZAN to lisaa 3cfa97b
zzan issued  5.51986 ZZAN to lisaa f8783e3
actnearn issued  922.78 ACTNEARN to lisaa 8d0718e
zzan issued  2.36906 ZZAN to lisaa 1ef30ab
actnearn issued  812.51 ACTNEARN to lisaa 81fc645
zzan issued  3.44537 ZZAN to lisaa bf02fba
actnearn issued  959.65 ACTNEARN to lisaa 78259f7
actnearn issued  984.04 ACTNEARN to lisaa 6faa5ca
zzan issued  3.38603 ZZAN to lisaa 45b90ba
zzan.bank transferred  28.91138 ZZAN to lisaa Sorry. We cannot swap STEEM for you. The amount of ZZAN you sent is less than the minimum requirement of 300 ZZAN. 8872ba5
lisaa transferred  28.91138 ZZAN to zzan.bank 917ff53
zzan issued  3.90300 ZZAN to lisaa 9867475
actnearn issued  929.38 ACTNEARN to lisaa bb64cda
zzan issued  2.50358 ZZAN to lisaa d3ec073
actnearn issued  897.56 ACTNEARN to lisaa 87c46aa
zzan issued  6.08253 ZZAN to lisaa a393ada
actnearn issued  940.10 ACTNEARN to lisaa 56f5316
zzan issued  5.07752 ZZAN to lisaa 42d1bc3
actnearn issued  938.15 ACTNEARN to lisaa 4c1ae4f
zzan issued  1.76946 ZZAN to lisaa dd3342f
actnearn issued  944.82 ACTNEARN to lisaa 3e46df7
zzan issued  3.34311 ZZAN to lisaa a084bba
actnearn issued  914.03 ACTNEARN to lisaa 177e345
zzan issued  3.60172 ZZAN to lisaa 1273471
actnearn issued  928.44 ACTNEARN to lisaa dfa81c2
zzan issued  1.25004 ZZAN to lisaa bc38095
actnearn issued  903.06 ACTNEARN to lisaa dc3d917
actnearn issued  879.81 ACTNEARN to lisaa 2f1a48f
zzan issued  1.38042 ZZAN to lisaa 5cb8a65
actnearn issued  814.21 ACTNEARN to lisaa da3c068
account: lisaa 
symbol: ZZAN 
quantity: 60075.75995 
husaini transferred  60,064.86928 ZZAN to lisaa 4cb9b8b
zzan.bank transferred  10.89067 ZZAN to lisaa Sorry. We cannot swap STEEM for you. The amount of ZZAN you sent is less than the minimum requirement of 300 ZZAN. a79a08e
lisaa transferred  10.89067 ZZAN to zzan.bank b095c5b
actnearn issued  927.04 ACTNEARN to lisaa e7b1ee5
zzan issued  1.19129 ZZAN to lisaa 14aac31
zzan issued  1.25913 ZZAN to lisaa bd07fa7
actnearn issued  896.75 ACTNEARN to lisaa 55556a6
actnearn issued  885.78 ACTNEARN to lisaa 0892216
zzan issued  1.13581 ZZAN to lisaa ccde219
actnearn issued  881.25 ACTNEARN to lisaa bf35009
actnearn issued  894.10 ACTNEARN to lisaa a0c6ce0
zzan issued  1.18036 ZZAN to lisaa 4bdfe58
actnearn issued  921.84 ACTNEARN to lisaa 06aa5b7
zzan issued  0.09292 ZZAN to lisaa a12db18
zzan issued  1.11949 ZZAN to lisaa 4e83eb7
actnearn issued  114.72 ACTNEARN to lisaa 8b769d9
zzan issued  1.77561 ZZAN to lisaa afe808e
actnearn issued  904.80 ACTNEARN to lisaa 2cec570
zzan issued  1.96671 ZZAN to lisaa 0f55b5e
actnearn issued  905.49 ACTNEARN to lisaa 0e6bcb8
actnearn issued  905.72 ACTNEARN to lisaa 726fff9
zzan issued  1.16935 ZZAN to lisaa 68a547e
lisaa transferred  116.14683 ZZAN to husaini c7a95eb
actnearn issued  871.86 ACTNEARN to lisaa b22c497
zzan issued  1.64102 ZZAN to lisaa 0e39ba0
zzan issued  1.01166 ZZAN to lisaa 38f6aa3
actnearn issued  751.91 ACTNEARN to lisaa b0ddb0b
zzan issued  2.11715 ZZAN to lisaa 667b64f
actnearn issued  736.48 ACTNEARN to lisaa 49f5eeb
actnearn issued  1,157.83 ACTNEARN to lisaa 3b72cf5
zzan issued  2.00749 ZZAN to lisaa 482dac5
actnearn issued  803.64 ACTNEARN to lisaa 9e7c3a9
zzan issued  2.11283 ZZAN to lisaa 4ba71b5
actnearn issued  867.30 ACTNEARN to lisaa 94a05b0
zzan issued  2.16196 ZZAN to lisaa 76fa823
zzan issued  2.22792 ZZAN to lisaa cd283ee
actnearn issued  770.16 ACTNEARN to lisaa 75ebdac
actnearn issued  771.18 ACTNEARN to lisaa 1f5ed77
zzan issued  2.25055 ZZAN to lisaa a40ec1f
actnearn issued  767.18 ACTNEARN to lisaa f41d46b
zzan issued  2.18161 ZZAN to lisaa ea11e27
zzan issued  2.17380 ZZAN to lisaa 72f1719
actnearn issued  761.85 ACTNEARN to lisaa a392151
zzan issued  2.24126 ZZAN to lisaa df9e911
actnearn issued  770.22 ACTNEARN to lisaa 033a680
actnearn issued  886.59 ACTNEARN to lisaa b4dd550
zzan issued  2.11493 ZZAN to lisaa 30b28f5
zzan issued  1.98410 ZZAN to lisaa 285d00f
actnearn issued  735.33 ACTNEARN to lisaa a2e1a0e
zzan issued  2.19818 ZZAN to lisaa 70cc731
actnearn issued  756.19 ACTNEARN to lisaa 80e82e4
zzan issued  2.19169 ZZAN to lisaa 9936714
actnearn issued  779.97 ACTNEARN to lisaa ccdb1fc
zzan issued  2.06441 ZZAN to lisaa 8470e17
actnearn issued  951.99 ACTNEARN to lisaa 0adf3b2
zzan issued  1.95194 ZZAN to lisaa 45c0537
zzan issued  1.43986 ZZAN to lisaa 44acbbc
actnearn issued  927.66 ACTNEARN to lisaa 46d5773