sct issued  260.019 SCT to kcc 1e6a41f
sct issued  28.609 SCT to kcc daf2f6c
zzan issued  1.01907 ZZAN to kcc 90c1a60
sct issued  17.560 SCT to kcc de90c20
sagoda issued  2.00333334 SAGO to kcc cad124b
sct issued  281.190 SCT to kcc d1f5825
sagoda issued  1.07502819 SAGO to kcc 78dbd5f
sct issued  35.134 SCT to kcc 1b37994
sct issued  102.775 SCT to kcc 8599495
zzan issued  1.05352 ZZAN to kcc 6b115f9
sct issued  20.312 SCT to kcc 2ee7c71
sct issued  169.663 SCT to kcc 03ab505
sct issued  29.278 SCT to kcc 3a52986
sagoda issued  1.31702260 SAGO to kcc 8f680e9
sct issued  168.836 SCT to kcc b12a8d4
zzan issued  1.01444 ZZAN to kcc 457e781
sct issued  12.367 SCT to kcc c4dba7f
sct issued  157.043 SCT to kcc 4a42889
zzan issued  1.08274 ZZAN to kcc acb74cd
sct issued  29.260 SCT to kcc e65fba1
sct issued  52.619 SCT to kcc 53899d1
zzan issued  1.08730 ZZAN to kcc f7b1d81
sagoda issued  1.06472330 SAGO to kcc a40d46c
sct issued  208.931 SCT to kcc 3158e3b
sct issued  53.079 SCT to kcc 7745abe
zzan issued  1.04645 ZZAN to kcc 8f5b47f
sct issued  97.867 SCT to kcc 56b4d62
sct issued  30.045 SCT to kcc 576d494
sagoda issued  1.42817930 SAGO to kcc 9021a17
zzan issued  1.12871 ZZAN to kcc 920c567
sct issued  99.462 SCT to kcc 080ddb0
sct issued  47.463 SCT to kcc 1c3c2cd
sagoda issued  1.78284971 SAGO to kcc 04f915c
zzan issued  1.13527 ZZAN to kcc 573f0a0
sct issued  278.514 SCT to kcc 5829777
zzan issued  1.15087 ZZAN to kcc 2adab67
sct issued  40.277 SCT to kcc 5c72dee
sct issued  324.889 SCT to kcc e877d6d
zzan issued  1.02421 ZZAN to kcc f04546d
sct issued  10.351 SCT to kcc 3f909b5
62.682 SCT @ 0.22000 STEEMP
from: travelgirl 
to: market 
symbol: SCT 
quantity: 62.682 
from: market 
to: kcc 
symbol: SCT 
quantity: 62.682 
from: market 
to: travelgirl 
symbol: STEEMP 
quantity: 13.79004000 
948 SCT @ 0.22 STEEMP
from: kcc 
to: market 
symbol: STEEMP 
quantity: 208.56000000 
(original transaction buy)
from: market 
to: kcc 
symbol: STEEMP 
quantity: 207.93960000 
sct issued  52.621 SCT to kcc 4dc4b30
zzan issued  1.02777 ZZAN to kcc 39a2424
sagoda issued  1.38895805 SAGO to kcc 2ab962c
990 SCT @ 0.21004 STEEMP
from: kcc 
to: market 
symbol: STEEMP 
quantity: 207.93960000 
sct issued  236.325 SCT to kcc 4bf5c2c
zzan issued  1.08044 ZZAN to kcc 41a7c35
sagoda issued  1.37893405 SAGO to kcc 91349ea
sct issued  27.266 SCT to kcc c01873d
sct issued  179.157 SCT to kcc 8ff4991
zzan issued  1.00312 ZZAN to kcc f47eb87
sct issued  26.518 SCT to kcc 8e0d1d1
sct issued  109.989 SCT to kcc e84a783
zzan issued  1.01913 ZZAN to kcc 22504fc
sct issued  118.331 SCT to kcc d7b83f0
sagoda issued  1.26858333 SAGO to kcc 7ed0762
zzan issued  1.40966 ZZAN to kcc 7884628
sct issued  32.667 SCT to kcc 3b07dec
sagoda issued  1.47578373 SAGO to kcc 780b6e6
zzan issued  1.02807 ZZAN to kcc a77d536
sct issued  90.882 SCT to kcc 1f3253d
zzan issued  1.04726 ZZAN to kcc 3b2bdbf
sct issued  23.164 SCT to kcc 65f1fc8
sagoda issued  1.00333333 SAGO to kcc 05b4cc6
zzan issued  1.09190 ZZAN to kcc 2e53cd5
sct issued  149.776 SCT to kcc 6d45b8b
sagoda issued  1.45799560 SAGO to kcc 2d67c91
zzan issued  1.08485 ZZAN to kcc 676a1b5
sct issued  46.939 SCT to kcc 6fdd1dd
sct issued  49.457 SCT to kcc 4be5b18
zzan issued  1.44629 ZZAN to kcc 2753dcd
sagoda issued  1.10212369 SAGO to kcc 439b582
sct issued  162.320 SCT to kcc 88999c6
zzan issued  1.13351 ZZAN to kcc 993b4a8
sct issued  41.289 SCT to kcc 28d4215
zzan issued  1.13881 ZZAN to kcc 28be32f
sct issued  104.340 SCT to kcc 259215d
sct issued  44.914 SCT to kcc 05707a0
zzan issued  1.13814 ZZAN to kcc 347695e
sct issued  258.922 SCT to kcc 7589768
sct issued  28.724 SCT to kcc 95b998c
zzan issued  1.17166 ZZAN to kcc 321c711
sct issued  128.062 SCT to kcc d8f5c1a
zzan issued  1.10956 ZZAN to kcc 8fa57a9
sct issued  43.725 SCT to kcc d182b3f
zzan issued  1.75333 ZZAN to kcc d5ba9c0
sct issued  184.682 SCT to kcc fc772b4
zzan issued  1.13528 ZZAN to kcc 39baf08
sct issued  32.932 SCT to kcc 64c9927
sagoda issued  1.29454337 SAGO to kcc 6da0202
sct issued  75.837 SCT to kcc 0df16a8
zzan issued  1.15992 ZZAN to kcc 91acc0c
sct issued  188.835 SCT to kcc ba06278
sct issued  27.544 SCT to kcc e6d5d00
zzan issued  1.12938 ZZAN to kcc 2c30c55
sagoda issued  1.19179384 SAGO to kcc 1e8ee49
account: kcc 
symbol: SAGO 
quantity: 18.91163719 
account: kcc 
symbol: ZZAN 
quantity: 26.67251