sct issued  75.512 SCT to kcc b1073bb
sct issued  57.336 SCT to kcc 024be3c
sct issued  32.542 SCT to kcc c528070
sct issued  79.687 SCT to kcc 5087536
sct issued  82.030 SCT to kcc d1ce7cf
sct issued  85.404 SCT to kcc 403130f
sct issued  85.723 SCT to kcc 92491ee
sct issued  108.998 SCT to kcc d17b650
account: kcc 
symbol: SCT 
quantity: 4096.163 
sct issued  70.890 SCT to kcc 8fd9806
zzan issued  1.01646 ZZAN to kcc eb3f2b2
sct issued  107.292 SCT to kcc 8e3bffe
sct issued  74.619 SCT to kcc fe442af
kcc transferred  1,460 KRWP to sct.swap @swap:KRWP:STEEM:kpsteem:kcc 27346ff
sct issued  99.007 SCT to kcc 082cf1b
sct issued  78.629 SCT to kcc 2eb16ec
sct issued  118.302 SCT to kcc 2061fee
sct issued  158.666 SCT to kcc b692153
sct issued  95.100 SCT to kcc 213163f
zzan issued  1.02419 ZZAN to kcc d1b6dec
sct issued  60.803 SCT to kcc c2a07c2
sct issued  24.862 SCT to kcc 9d6d2ca
sct issued  109.474 SCT to kcc a41ae06
sct issued  135.195 SCT to kcc c1f6f6a
sct issued  67.182 SCT to kcc e146736
sct issued  59.597 SCT to kcc e2ef6fd
sct issued  80.733 SCT to kcc cb248ed
sct issued  97.943 SCT to kcc bec970b
sct issued  95.408 SCT to kcc 79a4f0e
sct issued  41.510 SCT to kcc 16a836b
sct issued  54.303 SCT to kcc 708be80
sct.admin transferred  78.73 SCT to kcc 2021년1월베네피셔리분배 084beb1
sctm.xyz transferred  185.336 KRWP to kcc 2021-02-01 [kcc] what you are received : 185.336 KRWP, KRWP of @sctm.xyz : 2771.218, rate : 6.6879180141 %, total SCTM (stake) : 848915.580, your SCTM : 56774.778 (stake : 56774.778, delegationsIn : 0) 11fbcf0
zzan issued  1.01201 ZZAN to kcc dfd6b2a
sct issued  129.798 SCT to kcc 0c03a5b
sct issued  127.837 SCT to kcc c973336
sct issued  128.091 SCT to kcc c7b0a7e
sct issued  58.310 SCT to kcc 282c0d1
sct issued  80.298 SCT to kcc 8de98e3
sct issued  96.370 SCT to kcc 1177907
zzan issued  1.02541 ZZAN to kcc e3b628e
sct issued  98.988 SCT to kcc 22fa7bc
sct issued  50.055 SCT to kcc 9234c88
sct issued  88.898 SCT to kcc 0cbbc03
zzan issued  1.00987 ZZAN to kcc 910b906
sct issued  60.664 SCT to kcc 5a72b40
sct issued  55.527 SCT to kcc 0e3d870
sct issued  81.235 SCT to kcc ed1979b
sct issued  119.840 SCT to kcc e579c70
zzan issued  1.01180 ZZAN to kcc a7a0900
sct issued  111.918 SCT to kcc 34a1429
sct issued  46.970 SCT to kcc 4141d86
sct issued  119.001 SCT to kcc 712cff9
sct issued  117.325 SCT to kcc a803653
zzan issued  1.01391 ZZAN to kcc dcf1f9a
sct issued  74.162 SCT to kcc c4a4e80
sct issued  94.926 SCT to kcc 8f30a47
sct issued  94.997 SCT to kcc 299f1fc
zzan issued  1.01644 ZZAN to kcc 8e22ae9
sct issued  172.549 SCT to kcc fff8569
sagoda issued  1.05535523 SAGO to kcc 6e7bc3d
sct issued  61.674 SCT to kcc 12a7dc5
sct issued  99.073 SCT to kcc 5758893
sct issued  53.054 SCT to kcc a70a3a0
zzan issued  1.03122 ZZAN to kcc 41001d9
sct issued  75.083 SCT to kcc f23769f
sct issued  91.275 SCT to kcc 8fa0c92
account: kcc 
symbol: SCT 
quantity: 4482.891 
sct issued  60.304 SCT to kcc c65c266
sct issued  69.514 SCT to kcc 5574562
sct issued  89.547 SCT to kcc 042a752
sct issued  47.033 SCT to kcc dc626a1
sct issued  74.381 SCT to kcc 138a587
zzan issued  0.43717 ZZAN to kcc ffcaf6a
sagoda issued  0.01983900 SAGO to kcc 5a3f3e3
asshole transferred  0.00034309 ASS to kcc Here are your claimed tokens! 10beaa2
sct issued  76.478 SCT to kcc fb6f5b0
sct.admin transferred  78.98 SCT to kcc 2020.12.1%홀더베네피셔리분배 eafb628
sctm.xyz transferred  187.984 KRWP to kcc 2021-01-01 [kcc] what you are received : 187.984 KRWP, KRWP of @sctm.xyz : 2792.273, rate : 6.7323181579 %, total SCTM (stake) : 843316.918, your SCTM : 56774.778 (stake : 56774.778, delegationsIn : 0) b3702d8
sct issued  90.938 SCT to kcc 9834b4c
sagoda issued  1.00055287 SAGO to kcc d96a818
sct issued  121.122 SCT to kcc c0badda
zzan issued  1.01681 ZZAN to kcc 2b01d27
sct issued  133.100 SCT to kcc bb06328
sct issued  74.661 SCT to kcc 5e83961
sct issued  118.421 SCT to kcc 33823ce
sct issued  128.842 SCT to kcc 3513d35
zzan issued  1.00869 ZZAN to kcc a7b5470
sct issued  65.503 SCT to kcc de6b3d8
sct issued  73.374 SCT to kcc 1786e3c
sct issued  78.025 SCT to kcc 9ec6eef
sct issued  99.020 SCT to kcc 3d2fc76
sct issued  55.053 SCT to kcc d907825
zzan issued  1.00698 ZZAN to kcc 3f610e9
sct issued  150.904 SCT to kcc 2f2aa72
sct issued  101.690 SCT to kcc 90e7bae
sct issued  66.724 SCT to kcc a64460f
sct issued  95.430 SCT to kcc 6b68418