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zzan issued  113.02485 ZZAN to jjy 66334ca
account: jjy 
symbol: ZZAN 
quantity: 3630 
surpassinggoogle issued  7.79629955 MARLIANS to jjy c6fcec1
zzan issued  147.63142 ZZAN to jjy f8e9bba
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surpassinggoogle issued  16.83900446 MARLIANS to jjy 131b502
zzan issued  108.09149 ZZAN to jjy 98e8285
teamcn-shop transferred  1 SHOP to jjy @luminaryhmo gifted you 1 SHOP coin! 6aea2ba
surpassinggoogle issued  7.77858486 MARLIANS to jjy 52ea75e
zzan issued  63.02374 ZZAN to jjy 7b3fd32
surpassinggoogle issued  16.24865011 MARLIANS to jjy c1c660d
zzan issued  119.66036 ZZAN to jjy 355a4c7