sct issued  15.298 SCT to jjg 609250d
zzan issued  1.01025 ZZAN to jjg 6f532cf
sct issued  12.265 SCT to jjg 3aa4946
sct issued  24.710 SCT to jjg 4eb8e74
sct issued  23.240 SCT to jjg 317aec4
zzan issued  1.02018 ZZAN to jjg a20f5df
sct issued  20.724 SCT to jjg 47964bc
sct issued  27.131 SCT to jjg 82545d2
zzan issued  1.06983 ZZAN to jjg 43cfaf0
sct issued  28.338 SCT to jjg 390c0c4
zzan issued  1.02465 ZZAN to jjg d0dd2de
sct issued  23.256 SCT to jjg 195a7ae
zzan issued  1.06086 ZZAN to jjg ac05b15
sct issued  23.356 SCT to jjg 17637b1
sct issued  18.952 SCT to jjg 5904a9b
zzan issued  1.04239 ZZAN to jjg affa4ec
sct issued  12.977 SCT to jjg e6e190b
sct issued  11.340 SCT to jjg 1629dd2
zzan issued  1.02900 ZZAN to jjg 09548c7
zzan issued  18.08434 ZZAN to jjg 289e725
sct issued  17.711 SCT to jjg 9e5f1ef
sct issued  12.180 SCT to jjg 458e4ac
sct.airdrop transferred  11.21 SAGO to jjg SAGO Airdrop 69addb2
sct issued  29.666 SCT to jjg d2f001b
sct issued  14.282 SCT to jjg 0744d52
sct issued  27.885 SCT to jjg 6fc3d40
sct issued  29.399 SCT to jjg 7970468
sct issued  15.224 SCT to jjg f598ff1
sct issued  22.957 SCT to jjg 82955e2
sct issued  13.644 SCT to jjg 26491a0
sct issued  10.118 SCT to jjg df296d8
sct issued  20.637 SCT to jjg 2772229
sct issued  12.810 SCT to jjg 35a8294
sct issued  18.146 SCT to jjg 7cee493
sct issued  14.189 SCT to jjg 340f271
sct issued  17.760 SCT to jjg c1a9a8b
sct issued  36.262 SCT to jjg bc7c35f
sct issued  29.721 SCT to jjg 35f3eb7
sct issued  15.794 SCT to jjg bbaba9e
sct issued  32.926 SCT to jjg 8fdc1cf
sct issued  35.828 SCT to jjg 89667f3
sct issued  68.700 SCT to jjg 1c14eeb
sct issued  76.465 SCT to jjg 16609d0
sct.airdrop transferred  12.06 SAGO to jjg SAGO Airdrop a0bf8d9
sct issued  18.042 SCT to jjg 0067555
sct issued  116.552 SCT to jjg beaa825
sct issued  132.974 SCT to jjg 651a894
sct issued  38.054 SCT to jjg fed16be
zzan issued  56.08465 ZZAN to jjg 5cdf4e9
sct issued  2,548.157 SCT to jjg 01b9f10
sct.airdrop transferred  12.65 SAGO to jjg SAGO Airdrop 897ef77
bis.event transferred  20 BOOK to jjg SCT홀더 에어드랍 7a1efaa
sct.airdrop transferred  19.77 SAGO to jjg sago airdrop c9c6ffa
sct.airdrop transferred  1 SAGO to jjg airdrop test 29d4a06
account: jjg 
symbol: R 
quantity: 90.03 
account: jjg 
symbol: ZZAN 
quantity: 54.92491 
account: jjg 
symbol: SCT 
quantity: 1701.027 
zzan issued  30.39613 ZZAN to jjg 78e165e
sct issued  1,701.027 SCT to jjg 01988ec
frankk transferred  1 EEK to jjg Bring back Kroon! aa86587
account: jjg 
symbol: SCT 
quantity: 617.393 
zzan issued  13.42999 ZZAN to jjg 8bd7cd2
sct issued  617.393 SCT to jjg 16918ef
curator transferred  0.1 TASK to jjg da1638b
account: jjg 
symbol: SCT 
quantity: 638.572 
zzan issued  10.35857 ZZAN to jjg a136b42
sct issued  638.572 SCT to jjg 2d9f53f
sct.airdrop transferred  90.030 R to jjg Congratulations! you have earned PAL stakes in the Airdrop, checkout palnet.io e433e8d