zzan issued  0.03863 ZZAN to bring a15ff2f
upfundme issued  1.28282817 UFM to bring 579bf25
actnearn issued  29.22 ACTNEARN to bring 16c60d2
zzan issued  0.00043 ZZAN to bring 6932c15
upfundme issued  0.03738777 UFM to bring 20df58b
actnearn issued  10.32 ACTNEARN to bring ba0a89f
zzan issued  0.00050 ZZAN to bring 66b3291
upfundme issued  0.04501213 UFM to bring 633ffa1
actnearn issued  328.80 ACTNEARN to bring 638a2e7
upfundme issued  0.04132788 UFM to bring 7df30b3
zzan issued  0.00048 ZZAN to bring 00caad2
surpassinggoogle issued  34.02124866 MARLIANS to bring c51f5ff
actnearn issued  498.06 ACTNEARN to bring fa9242b
zzan issued  0.14451 ZZAN to bring f3f43e6
upfundme issued  0.03701116 UFM to bring 1a335aa
upfundme issued  0.00004280 UFM to bring f73e4f0
account: bring 
symbol: LIFESTYLE 
quantity: 0.001 
one.life transferred  0.001 LIFESTYLE to bring Here are your claimed tokens! (0.001000 more LIFESTYLE were added to LIFESTYLE POWER) 00a547e
surpassinggoogle issued  23.96850961 MARLIANS to bring 94af741
upfundme issued  0.01020058 UFM to bring eb54285
zzan issued  0.00069 ZZAN to bring dfc6479
upfundme issued  0.01022154 UFM to bring d930c81
upfundme issued  0.84468524 UFM to bring ef22d48
zzan issued  0.00035 ZZAN to bring eae323f
zzan issued  0.15214 ZZAN to bring 9960aac
upfundme issued  0.04954631 UFM to bring 28486af
actnearn issued  53.97 ACTNEARN to bring 6256d3b
actnearn issued  62.76 ACTNEARN to bring fa13529
teamcn-shop transferred  1 SHOP to bring @also.einstein gifted you 1 SHOP coin! f8d83f7
teamcn-shop transferred  1 SHOP to bring You won 1 SHOP from playing Rock Papper Scissors game! 6584b18
teamcn-shop transferred  1 SHOP to bring @cecilian gifted you 1 SHOP coin! 3b63a97
zzan issued  0.33833 ZZAN to bring 0cfb56d
upfundme issued  0.05247391 UFM to bring 1495f3b
actnearn issued  71.61 ACTNEARN to bring f24d607
actnearn issued  49.80 ACTNEARN to bring 0738a39
upfundme issued  1.61535485 UFM to bring a45a1fa
actnearn issued  60.17 ACTNEARN to bring 0678bd9
actnearn issued  60.66 ACTNEARN to bring 6000041
actnearn issued  58.63 ACTNEARN to bring 54bfc3a
actnearn issued  22.38 ACTNEARN to bring 503a2d6
zzan issued  0.16959 ZZAN to bring 6c3ade7
upfundme issued  0.06836910 UFM to bring 15e59d4
actnearn issued  86.92 ACTNEARN to bring 5a68f9b
actnearn issued  64.92 ACTNEARN to bring 519c2f8
actnearn issued  65.33 ACTNEARN to bring 68fb8c5
upfundme issued  0.37753176 UFM to bring 9207d35
zzan issued  0.15921 ZZAN to bring 3da5185