talentclub issued  59,332.61866 TLNT to barmbo 71bdef7
talentclub issued  20,256.51794 TLNT to barmbo 50eac8a
talentclub issued  16,690.75472 TLNT to barmbo 4325242
se-payout transferred  12.998193 STEEMEGG to barmbo 126fee4
talentclub issued  51,068.80544 TLNT to barmbo a0a52a7
talentclub issued  56,188.68625 TLNT to barmbo 64a3ee9
actnearn issued  179.37 ACTNEARN to barmbo d38b45b
talentclub issued  58,098.72330 TLNT to barmbo 06c013f
talentclub issued  62,462.88496 TLNT to barmbo 0641b4d
talentclub issued  16,784.94165 TLNT to barmbo a9b98d8
se-payout transferred  12.936674 STEEMEGG to barmbo 12140db
talentclub issued  15,370.15116 TLNT to barmbo 3743ab0
talentclub issued  83,599.84385 TLNT to barmbo 1f68bbd
talentclub issued  17,205.25534 TLNT to barmbo 5725845
talentclub issued  47,135.81387 TLNT to barmbo 2e1ce66
talentclub issued  15,707.96629 TLNT to barmbo 769958c
actnearn issued  123.88 ACTNEARN to barmbo f2c7315
se-payout transferred  12.877588 STEEMEGG to barmbo 4089c81
talentclub issued  32,905.76209 TLNT to barmbo 361cb9d
actnearn issued  103.83 ACTNEARN to barmbo c690d93
talentclub issued  24,382.79514 TLNT to barmbo a5ea390
actnearn issued  116.95 ACTNEARN to barmbo c638748
talentclub issued  24,357.51712 TLNT to barmbo 2721d37
actnearn issued  130.62 ACTNEARN to barmbo 2aa72cb
talentclub issued  82,282.30175 TLNT to barmbo f70250c
talentclub issued  24,028.40202 TLNT to barmbo 7ab2e56
talentclub issued  10,299.85987 TLNT to barmbo e06b031
se-payout transferred  12.718374 STEEMEGG to barmbo 5be78e5
talentclub issued  26,637.97589 TLNT to barmbo 9015b16
talentclub issued  48,774.05521 TLNT to barmbo 89f3dc4
talentclub issued  9,561.55774 TLNT to barmbo 8189589
talentclub issued  8,450.92922 TLNT to barmbo 6dc9e57
talentclub issued  26,019.77498 TLNT to barmbo 3b25440
talentclub issued  49,395.33470 TLNT to barmbo 143257b
actnearn issued  125.55 ACTNEARN to barmbo e7556da
talentclub issued  104,158.72482 TLNT to barmbo 965a8f9
se-payout transferred  12.655183 STEEMEGG to barmbo 39a0e9b
talentclub issued  50,835.39290 TLNT to barmbo b0ddb9a
talentclub issued  32,376.00737 TLNT to barmbo 9af75c4
talentclub issued  10,667.53086 TLNT to barmbo 942fe3c
actnearn issued  103.60 ACTNEARN to barmbo c2007ef